European mobile roaming fees cut

08 June 2007
The cost of using a mobile phone while abroad is to come down, after the EU's Telecoms Council approved plans to cap roaming charges.

However, the majority of mobile phone users jetting off on a summer holiday this year are unlikely to benefit from the changes, as the caps will not have taken full effect in time.

Price caps will be phased in over three months, starting in July, meaning many people will just miss out this time around.

However, mobile network 3 has pre-empted the decision by already reducing call rates in five European countries - Italy, Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark.

The company's 3 Like Home tariff allows customers to use their text and talk deals just like they would do at home, removing costs to receive calls in the process.

John Penberthy-Smith, marketing director at 3, said that "3 Like Home is making a difference to the market and its success proves that our customers agree", referring to the doubling in calls from abroad which have been made since the introduction of the service in January.

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