Expats take advantage of internet

04 December 2007
Expats scattered across the globe use the internet heavily for internet shopping, banking and keeping in touch with friends and family, a survey from Alliance & Leicester has found.

Approximately 83 per cent of expats shop online regularly and 63 per cent use the internet to keep in touch with people.

Furthermore, 47 per cent get on the internet to check their bank balance at least once per week, the research found.

The managing director of Alliance & Leicester International Simon Hull said: "Our research shows that the internet has revolutionised the lives of expats, enabling them to go about their daily lives at the click of a button.

However, expats ought to take precautions with their safety online when using financial services, he advised.

Meanwhile, recent research from Get Safe Online has found that most people fear internet crime more than they do mugging or burglary.

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