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Many broadband users would switch 'for better offer'

15 February 2008 / by None
A new report has shown that, while most broadband subscribers are happy with their service, around a quarter would switch for a better offer.

The Experience Counts Index looks at over 2,000 broadband, mobile phone and satellite TV subscribers across the UK and US and found that some 15 per cent of broadband subscribers are looking to change their provider this year, reports Telappliant.

The report also found that this figure rose to 23 per cent if a better deal was to be offered to them, says the report.

Customer service appears to be the top priority for subscribers, as the report found that people who have switched around are twice as likely do have done so due to a better service offer rather than a fault with their existing one.

In related news, recent research by BroadbandChoices found that a third of broadband users are reluctant to switch providers because they have little faith in the process.

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