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Many people 'not shopping around for better deals'

29 October 2007
A significant number of people are failing to shop around for the best energy deals, according to one expert.

Graham Self, director of, said that this is due to "an element of the unknown", with a number of people unsure of what is actually involved in switching suppliers.

Sometimes consumers believe that they may need to change pipes and wires, which may put people off looking for a different energy deal, he argued.

"It's not like car insurance, for example, where people automatically shop around," he remarked.

Consumers could also save money by taking small steps to reduce their energy usage, such as turning lights off when they leave a room, he added.

According to research published by the energy regulator Ofgem, more than four million households changed their energy provider in 2006.

The organisation noted that the market had become very competitive and consumers could potentially save money as a result.

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