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Millions of mobile users waste monthly free minutes

12 June 2007
Three in four mobile users are signed up to a contract package which gives them either too few or too many monthly minutes, mobile provider Noodle has claimed.

Nine in ten people believe their phone contract does not offer them perfect value for money, the research found, with one in six regularly exceeding their monthly free minute allowance.

Despite the fact that they overspend £16 each month on their bills on average, these phone owners appear to be resisting making the shift to an alternative mobile provider.

Approximately 14 million others, meanwhile, pay for more minutes than they use, wasting 64 minute of talk time monthly on average, Noodle's survey found.

A pay-as-you-go package could prove cheaper for those mobile users who don't use up their full 'minutes' allocation, claimed Noodle's chief executive Sean Murray.

With 54 million mobile phone users in the UK, many should consider switching to a pay as you go phone, he said.

But many customers could benefit from simply re-examining their individual phone usage patterns and re-evaluating which package they are signed up to, ensuring they make the most of their minutes.

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