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Ofcom helps consumers to uninterrupted broadband

08 February 2007
Broadband switching will become instantly easier after Valentine's Day as Ofcom introduces a code allowing customers to switch with 'minimal disruption'.

The Migration Authorisation Code (MAC), which the industry regulator will require broadband providers to issue to all customers, will permit users to switch provider smoothly, ensuring that there is no hiatus between the broadband they receive from their old and new providers.

"Up until now, providers could charge for providing a MAC, which added an extra stumbling block to the switching process," stressed SimplySwitch's Karen Darby.

But she added that more changes to the broadband market to facilitate switching were needed – including 'rolling contracts' which could be terminated at any time without penalties for the customer.

At present, many broadband deals last as long as 18 months.

Last week, uSwitch revealed that switching broadband provider could save customers up to £210 a year – but 73 per cent of the 13 million broadband customers in the UK have never switched, playing it safe with the provider they trust from their first entry into the online marketplace.

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