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Ofgem 'naming and shaming' energy providers

25 April 2007
Energy regulator Ofgem has put its oar into the controversy over gas price cuts by encouraging customers with EDF Energy and Scottish Power to switch to rival suppliers.

In what commentators are calling its 'name and shame' strategy, Ofgem has denounced the ways in which these suppliers fall short of their competitors, failing to cut gas and electricity prices.

Dual-fuel customers could save up to £140 a year if they moved from EDF Energy, or £122 if they left Scottish Power, Ofgem has revealed.

"A big price gap has opened up leaving EDF Energy and Scottish Power customers paying over £100 for remaining loyal," Ofgem's chief executive Alistair Buchanan said.

"Competition is all about customer power - any supplier that tries to buck the market by not lowering their prices or failing on service risks an exodus of customers," he added.

"All the other major suppliers have announced significant price cuts," remarked Karen Darby of, warning: "If Scottish Power and EDF don't do the same, they risk a mass customer desertion."

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