Postcode lottery sees South East spending £100 more on gas and electricity

18 September 2008 / by Rachel Mason
As the Government launches its £1 billion 'energy efficiency' campaign, new research has revealed that there is a very real fuel postcode lottery in the UK.

Today, the Government will start running TV ads to raise awareness of its scheme to help people cut their heating bills through by offering subsidized improvements such as loft and cavity wall insulation.

But has revealed that even when energy efficiency measures are taken on, it won't change the fact that the region you live in affects the amount you pay for gas and electricity.'s research shows that households in the South East are spending more than £100 extra on their gas and electricity than those in the North East and £92 more on average than those in the South West.

However, although the South East is paying the most for its gas and electricity bills, it is the North East that is spending the highest percentage of their income on energy - 4.28 per cent, compared to the South East where the figure is 3.38 per cent.

And in the West Midlands households are having a tough time – they are having to fork out £937.41 for their gas and electricity bills, which is the second highest after the South East, and represents 4.11 per cent of their income, the second highest percentgage after the North East.

Sean Gardner, Director, at, says although a certain amount of disparity between regions is expected, the results are quite shocking.

"We'd expect some regional variance in the amount people spend on gas and electricity," he said, "but a 12 per cent gap between the highest and the lowest spending regions is very large indeed.

"Clearly households in some areas have reacted more quickly to spiralling fuel costs but it's a worry that some households are having to spend considerably more of their overall expenditure on fuel than others," he said, " and with further price rises expected before Christmas fuel poverty looks an ever closer prospect for many."

But, says Mr Gardner, despite the fact that gas and electricity prices have risen so dramatically recently, there are still savings to be made by switching to another provider.

"Though energy price rises have struck across the board there are still savings to be made, with many consumers able to save over £300 simply by switching provider," he said.

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