Save £187 by buying energy online

14 June 2007
One in eight wised-up gas and electricity customers has chosen energy companies' cheapest deals by buying online, has found.

But despite the fact that many suppliers' best deals are available exclusively to online customers, just 13 per cent of people with regular internet access has an online gas or electricity account.

Since 12.5 million UK households could save if they transferred across from their standard tariff, there seems little reason to delay, advised energy expert Geoff Slaughter, given that 68 per cent of dual fuel customers said they would be happy to pay online.

Existing customers signed up to standard plans could be paying £132 more than new online customers, the switching site found.

Standard tariff British Gas customers pay £913 a year, compared to the £755 new online customers are charged.

Meanwhile, ScottishPower is the provider which most strongly rewards online customers, with bills costing £187 less if accessed via the web.

It also has the largest proportion of online customers, at 27 per cent of its whole customer base.

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