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Scottish and Southern Energy follow British Gas with gas price cuts

Scottish and Southern Energy follow British Gas with gas price cuts

08 March 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Scottish and Southern Energy has said it is cutting its gas bills, following in the footsteps of British Gas which, until now, has been the only energy provider to cut its prices in 2010.

But, the price cuts are small potatoes for householders hit by the credit crunch, say industry experts, with this one from Scottish and Southern Energy amounting to a £2.50 reduction in the average bill, according to

The comparison website would like to see providers do more to counteract the fact that gas bills are currently at a 10 year high, and urges consumers to shop around for the best gas and electricity tariff.

Scott Byrom, utilities manager at said "With all the talk this week of providers not passing on savings in line with wholesale gas price falls, SSE's customers may rejoice that their gas bills will be cut - but what a pity it's only by £2.50 a month."

Scottish and Southern Energy's gas prices will drop by four per cent – which equates to £30 a year for standard tariff customers who pay by direct debit, £56 a year for single fuel tariffs, and prepayment customers will see their bills fall by an average £70.

Whilst the latest price cuts has been welcomed, they are minimal, and the majority of the energy giants have yet to cut their prices, Mr Byrom reminds consumers.

"The good news is 'online pay monthly' tariffs are £300 cheaper for gas alone than the Standard quarterly tariffs," he adds. "Effectively, this is an immediate 25 per cent price cut to your annual bills. While for many customers switching to a new provider is the best option, at the very least customers should contact their current provider and ask to move to its cheapest tariff." also urges the other giants to fall in line and make energy bills cheaper for cash-strapped consumers who are facing much larger energy bills than they were several years ago.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said this is "great news for consumers" because the energy market is currently "just a two horse race" and she hopes that the move from SSE will encourage other companies to follow suit.

"Although these reductions are welcome it's important that consumers don't become complacent," Ms Robinson continued, and suggests that bill payers switch energy provider, and choose an online energy plan, which consistently offer the cheapest tariff.

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