£3bn valuables left in cars

16 October 2006
Opportunist thieves in the UK are getting a helping hand from car owners who, according to new research by Post Office Car Insurance, leave up to £3.3 billion worth of unattended valuables in their cars.

Approximately 25 million car owners said they left items of worth in their vehicles, and around 12 per cent also said they rarely or never attempted to cover up or hide these goods.

Clare Oldstein, head of communications for Post Office Car Insurance, said: "Our advice to motorists is to only leave valuable items in the car if it's absolutely necessary, and if they do, to make sure the items are hidden in the boot or at least out of sight of potential thieves.

Ms Oldstein also encouraged drivers to check that their insurance had ample cover for valuables "in case the worst does happen".

Drivers should also refrain from leaving documents like vehicle registration forms or car insurance certificates in their car, as this would make it easier for thieves to get away with the theft of the vehicle.

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