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'Gapper' lifestyle appealing to older generation

25 July 2006
According to research from RIAS, over three-quarters of a million people aged 55 and over have taken an extended holiday of six months or more.

The specialist insurer for the over-50s market says it has seen a large rise in the levels of more mature people looking to take out travel insurance for long-haul holidays or cover for extended periods that includes dangerous activities.

"Many older travellers are not content with simply relaxing in the sun," said Janet Connor, managing director of RIAS.

"It's not uncommon to see a 55 year old embarking on the sort of adventure holiday which only younger people contemplated until recently.

"Our survey shows that as many as one in five over 55s would choose an adventure holiday as their preferred holiday option, over a cruise, cultural or beach holiday."

Ms Connor also added that older people generally found getting insurance a much more difficult task than the younger generation because of the increased risk. This is especially true of insurance for high-risk activities, such as climbing, diving or winter sports.

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