38m empty seats in rush-hour

14 June 2006
Ahead of National Lift Share Day this Wednesday (June 14th), Halifax Car Insurance has estimated that there will be over ten million cars on Britain's roads in rush hour without passengers.

This equates to approximately 38 million empty seats that, if taken up with passengers making similar journeys to work, could save thousands of pounds each year in commuter costs and make a significant difference to the environmental effect of transport fumes.

For drivers who commute in their car to work, only one in five currently lift-share despite over two-thirds saying they thought the idea of a car-share system was a good thing.

"More and more people are driving to work every day and with an increasing number of vehicles on the roads causing jams, as well as increasing petrol and parking costs, it can be a stressful journey," said Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at Halifax Car Insurance.

The survey revealed that the average cost to consumers for travelling to work was over £1,000 each year - just one reason a car-share could be a profitable exercise.

Mr Pickard also underscored the insurance bonuses of operating a car-share scheme: "Passengers in the car not only improve your environmental credentials, they can also act as an extra pair of eyes for you, especially in the morning rush hour when traffic is at its heaviest.

"Insurance-wise, you can carry passengers in return for a mileage payment as long as there is no element of profit," he concluded.

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