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99% of drivers unable to identify meaning of road markings

25 August 2006
According to research from Sheila's Wheels, just one per cent of UK drivers know the correct meaning of the four most common lines on British roads.

The Highways Agency estimates there are approximately 373,000 miles of lines on the roads in this country, made up of 31 different types, each with their own meanings and rules surrounding them.

The insurance company's findings also showed that while a third (33 per cent) of women never disobey a road marking they recognise, nearly four out of five male road users admit they ignore or dismiss standard motoring rules.

"Lines on the road…play a crucial role in keeping drivers safe," said Jacky Brown, a spokesperson for Sheila's Wheels.

"This poll shows that women lead the way when it comes to respecting the rules of the road," she continued.

"This is backed up by the latest Home Office conviction statistics which show that women are responsible for only 21 per cent of obstruction, waiting and parking offences in the UK.

Ms Brown also urged drivers "to be observant" and if they saw markings they were unsure of to "dust down their copy of the Highway Code and refresh their memory" in order to avoid the prospect of accidents and therefore reduce their insurance premium.

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