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A crushing end for vehicles without car insurance

04 December 2007
Motorists who are driving around illegally without any car insurance are meeting their recompense – from modern technology which makes it easier for police to detect and crush such vehicles.

According to information revealed by the Association of British Insurers at the ABI annual motor conference, 100,000 uninsured vehicles have been seized this year, of which about 45,000 have been crushed. This is largely as a result of the development of automatic number plate recognition technology used by police on the roadside, increasing the number seized from 78,000 last year.

Many of the cars seized for being uninsured are not road worthy, and are therefore a "menace" to other drivers, said Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance and Health at the ABI. "The cost of compensating their victims adds an extra £30 a year to premiums paid by honest motorists." he said.

"These figures show that the determination of the insurance industry and the police to drive them from our roads is beginning to bear fruit. However we need to ensure that the penalties they face reflect the seriousness of this crime.

Ashton West, Group Chief Executive of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, added: "The fight against uninsured drivers has now stepped up a gear, and we expect vehicle seizure numbers to increase over the coming months.

"Equally encouraging is the reduction in reported claims to the MIB (Motor Insurer's Bureau), which were almost 4 per cent down last year. On current trends the reduction is likely to be even greater by the end of 2007."

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