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AA: Car insurance 'important' for forgetful owners

22 November 2005
Lost keys lead to a car being stolen every sixty seconds in the UK, making car insurance all the more important for forgetful owners, says the AA.

The insurance provider says one in ten Brits regularly leave their keys in their cars while a third keep their keys by the front door in easy reach of thieves.

AA Insurance’s managing director, Kevin Sinclair, says, "Modern cars are incredibly difficult to steal – unless the thief has the keys.

"Thieves are turning to more ingenious ways to steal keys such as hooking them off a hall table or key rack by ‘fishing’ through the letterbox, so keep keys well away from the front door.

"And, what’s even more amazing, is the large number of people who literally offer an open invitation to thieves by leaving their cars unlocked, unattended and with the keys in the ignition – and even with the engine running on frosty mornings!"

AA recommends owners keep their car and house keys separate and try to keep their car in a garage if possible.

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