AA Insurance signs new credit card deal

15 July 2005
AA Insurance has signed a five-year credit card deal with Target, in a move which will benefit home and car insurance customers.

AA Insurance will implement software solutions Target's credit processing solution, TargetCentrac to make the changes.

Customers will benefit from the agreement, as it will help them pay their annual home and car insurance through monthly or quarterly instalments.

TargetCentrac can also manage payments and calculate early settlement charges.

AA Insurance's new system will meet new Consumer Credit Association (CCA) regulations, which require lenders to provide customers clearer agreements and change the way agreements are settled.

TargetInformer, a Target software solution that manages in and out-bound communications, will also be used to help AA Insurance automate the production and distribution of its customer service.

Alan Joshua, a project manager with AA Insurance, said: "As well as meeting the regulatory requirements, Target's solutions can be easily integrated with our current applications, allowing us to constantly improve the service we offer to our customers."

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