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AA Insurance underlines white vans' value

25 June 2007
The value of the much-maligned white van to their drivers makes investment in adequate insurance a must, AA Insurance has advised.

The value of the contents of Britain's commercial vans is £1,832 on average, but the value of these vans does not only lie in the monetary worth of what they contain.

AA Insurance found that nearly six in ten drivers said their van was vital to the smooth operation of their business while one-quarter said £362 would be lost every day if their van was out of action.

"Drivers face significant loss of earnings if their van's out of service, so it's essential to ensure they're properly covered when the worst happens," stressed Rhiannon Parker, head of van insurance at AA Insurance.

The study dispelled a raft of clichés about white van men, revealing that 35 per cent of van owners are women, though it did confirm that the traditional white remains the most popular paint colour for vans.

Meanwhile, AA Insurance last week defended the rising cost of premiums for drivers, explaining that the costs for insurers were rising as repair technology becomes more expensive.

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