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ABI reassures 'contaminated petrol' drivers

02 March 2007
As the mystery of the source of the contaminated petrol sold to British drivers continues, worries are sharpening over who will be liable for the cost of repairs.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has assured motorists that most "should be able to claim for the cost of accidental damage", which can include juddering and halting engines.

The association added a crucial caveat, stating the customer's claim will be valid "if they have a comprehensive motor insurance policy".

"At the moment, it is still not clear where liability for this problem lies," a spokesman added.

It has not been established which retailer or manufacturer is to blame for the problem, as supermarket petrol providers Tesco and Morrisons both deny the presence of contaminated petrol at their outlets.

And many drivers could find their car insurance cover is insufficient, although insurer Liverpool Victoria rushed to assure the public it would cover "any of our motor policy holders" for breakdown caused by contaminated petrol.

Compensation will depend on the customer showing a valid receipt for purchase of the fuel and submitting to having their vehicle inspected.

Some drivers have paid out £1,000 in repair bills after using contaminated petrol, BBC News reported.

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