ABI travel insurance tips for World Cup fans

10 September 2007
The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has advised travellers to the Ruby World Cup in France on the benefits of taking out travel insurance.

An ABI spokesperson has commented that despite the Ruby World Cup being hosted across the channel, commuters should not believe that it is not worth taking out a policy given France's "good medical facilities".

His comments come as recent figures from gapyear.com found that 25 per cent of young travellers travel uninsured or underinsured, while 41 per cent of UK travellers admit to drinking far more abroad than they would closer to home, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Travellers face the risk of losing possessions or requiring medical treatment wherever they are in the world, the spokesperson said.

Those who consider a policy "not worth it" are warned by the ABI spokesperson that the need for emergency treatment renders a policy "worth considering for that reason alone".

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