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Abbey: Newly-weds should consider insurance

19 September 2007
New research by Abbey has revealed that a number of home insurance policies available on the market do not include temporary cover for weddings.

The firm found that 13 per cent of home contents insurance products do not allow for temporary increases in the contents sum, leaving many married couples underinsured.

According to Abbey, the average present given to newly-weds is worth £43, meaning couples who do not take out adequate cover could be at risk.

Prasad Shastri, head of insurance marketing at Abbey, said: "Because of all the things that need to be thought about during a wedding, insurers make it easier for people to be covered for their home contents by giving them additional cover temporarily."

However, even in these cases, sometimes the additional cover is not enough for the gifts a couple receive and only lasts for a few weeks, he warned.

Earlier in the year, Abbey reported that people collectively spend £6.7 billion on wedding presents each year.

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