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All change for green premiums

25 January 2007
Car insurance firms offering green deals for eco-friendly drivers such as More Than and CIS have been 'flip-flopping' over green premiums in recent weeks, has found.

"Insurers should be applauded for rewarding responsible motoring," commented Richard Mason, director of insurance at

"But our research shows that … this type of policy is experiencing huge premium swings."

"What might look like a bargain one week could double or even treble in price just days later," he warned.

For example, the premium on the hybrid Toyota Prius was 27 per cent cheaper at Kwik-Fit than at CIS before Christmas, yet after the festive season, the CIS policy came in cheapest.

Moneysupermarket advises customers to "simply shop around for the best value general policy that suits their needs and donate the difference direct to a charity of their choice" until the market settles on more stable premium deals.

Meanwhile, Experian has reported that more people buying used cars are opting for large 'gas guzzler' models, with large cars the only type to sell more over the last quarter, suggesting that many drivers count the pennies instead of going green.

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