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Alliance & Leicester offers income advice

20 December 2006
More than half of the British workforce would not be able to manage financially if they were prevented from working.

Research, carried out by Alliance & Leicester Protection, shows that 51 per cent of the country's workforce would fall into financial difficulties if they had an accident, fell ill or were made redundant.

The study also found that 23 per cent would need £1,500 each month just to stay afloat, while 46 per cent would need £1,000 per month to supplement their current savings.

Of those who feel they could survive without working (39 per cent), a huge 19 per cent would have to either spend their savings or rely on their partner's income just to get by.

"It's easy when you're busy with your working life to take the security of a monthly income for granted," said Lindsey Henson, manager for Protection at Alliance & Leicester.

"However, if you become ill, suffer an accident or are made redundant then you may be unable to earn an income."

The study also found that 21 per cent of the workforce does not have insurance and has very little savings to fall back on.

Ms Henson commented that it is "vitally important" for workers to consider what measures can be put in place to meet financial arrangements.

She also said she would recommend that everyone sees a financial advisor to "establish the type and level of income protection" needed on an individual basis.

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