AmEx: Average holiday spend over £800

04 August 2006
According to the findings of American Express Insurance, Britons spend an average of £828.69 on their annual holiday.

The majority of spending can be accounted for by food and drink (£331.12) and shopping (£230.68), although gifts (£85.63) and excursions and entertainment (£181.26) also ranked highly among the 10,000 people polled.

Joanne Field, Marketing Manager, American Express Insurance Services: "The survey results have been very illuminating about our behaviour and attitudes to going on holiday."

Ms Field noted that many Brits do not think twice about carrying large amounts of cash with them on holiday – 40 per cent of those questioned said they carry more than £500 in cash for a two-week break – and as many as one in seven do so without insurance.

"The survey…showed even when holidaymakers have insurance, 35 per cent do not read the terms and conditions of their policy before they go away," she continued.

"There are over 450 travel insurance policies on the market and it is as important to understand what you are covered for as well as what you are not covered for before the holiday begins."

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