American Express says travel safely

07 March 2005
Planning a trip to the sun to escape the winter blues? Research from American Express Insurance Services reveals how important it is to take out insurance cover.

Most insurance policies cover single items up to £250, but American Express found that many travellers were taking much more valuable items with them on holiday.

The insurers polled 10,000 customers about the most expensive item they had packed- and found that 45 per cent of travellers were taking cameras, designer clothing and jewellery worth significantly more than their policy maximum.

Higher value policies, such as the American Express Premier Plus which offers a greater single item limit of £750, will not even be able to account for the 13 per cent of travellers taking items worth more than that.

"Whilst good insurers will protect your baggage up to several thousand pounds, travellers should be reminded that the cover limits for any single item is in the hundreds," advised
Joanne Field, marketing manager for American Express Travel Insurance.

She added that policy holders should remember that they are only covered for single items when they are on their person - so really the best advice is to leave very valuable items at home.

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