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Annual travel insurance can pay off for regular travellers

22 July 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Brits could save on their holidays by opting for annual travel insurance instead of buying cover each time they go abroad, research from American Express has revealed.

Travelling abroad has become a viable option for more and more Brits as flights have become cheaper and easier to find online, but holidaymakers could save even more by choosing annual travel insurance the insurer has said, rather than buying a single trip insurance policy several times a year.

"With so many cheap flights and last minute holiday deals available to Britons, taking a mini-break is all the more appealing." said Chris Rolland, head of American Express Insurance Services.

"However if people are planning to go away more than once this year, it is far more cost effective to buy an annual insurance policy than numerous single trip products, giving them peace of mind all year round. We understand that holiday costs can add up, but by investing in annual travel insurance, Brits will save in the long run and be free to enjoy several breaks throughout the year."

American Express' research found that 85 per cent of Britons buy travel insurance for their holidays, and 69 per cent will opt for annual, multi-trip cover during the next year. The difference can be significant – if bought online, single trip travel insurance from American Express costs £17.10, compared to £29.45 for a whole year's cover which can be used a number of times.

Meanwhile, has issued a warning to travellers who decide to take dangerous risks at the end of their holidays, partaking in activities which might not be covered by their travel insurance.

More than a third of British travellers have taken part in 'daredevil pursuits', including rock climbing, white-water rafting, jet skiing, and bungee jumping, but even if they have travel insurance such activities are not always included, so urges travellers to check their policy before making any hasty decisions.

One in eight Brits who participate in risky activities while abroad do not have any travel insurance at all, the research found.

"Our research reveals the daredevil streak in many people." Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at, said. "When on holiday, it seems they want to try the latest hair-raising experience instead of relaxing by the pool. Yet, with the thrill of jumping out of a plane or negotiating white-water rapids, some holidaymakers do not give a second thought to checking they are adequately covered, or - more shockingly - they take part knowing they are uninsured."

Some of the biggest travel insurance providers do not offer cover for these 'dangerous sports' and therefore those who take the risk might not be covered for medical treatment or emergency transportation if something goes wrong.

Mr Gerrard added: "Travel insurance policies will vary significantly and exclusions and caveats are commonplace. It is important to check the small print and ensure you are covered for every eventuality. I advise Brits to think ahead about activities of interest before shopping around for the most adequate level of cover and best value policy."

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