B&B launches green-fingered initiative

17 July 2006
Bradford and Bingley (B&B) has announced a new policy – for every insurance policy it sells from now until the end of 2006 it will support the planting of a tree in one of 20 different UK forests.

When customers buy a policy from B&B, they will be asked if they would like to choose a specific wooded area and will have the chance to dedicate the tree to themselves, or to a friend or loved one

"We are all becoming more aware of the effects of global warming," noted Dave Foyle, B&B's head of general insurance.

"Customers now have the opportunity when purchasing home, motor or travel insurance to dedicate a tree in one of 20 reforestation projects around the UK, which will not only encourage bio-diversity in these areas but will also help to absorb greenhouse gas emissions.

"I hope that by the end of the year our customers will have dedicated tens of thousands of trees across the UK - helping to reforest our great woodlands which future generations will be able to enjoy."

Mr Foyle also said that this was part of a wider strategy for the company to become entirely carbon neutral.

He added that its call centres in Sunderland and Plymouth had already attained such a status by working with the CarbonNeutral Company to eliminate their environmental footprint.

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