BIBA: Over-65s denied travel insurance

25 October 2005
Holidaymakers over 65 years-of-age are being denied travel insurance, says the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA).

The insurance watchdog found that 9.5 million people in the UK aged over 65 years-old struggle to find an insurer and may, as a result, go on holiday uninsured or end up paying sky-high premiums.

Head of technical services at BIBA, Peter Straddon, said: "Older travellers need the protection offered by travel insurance as their claims can be more severe.

"Travel insurance is as important as their suitcase and they should always attempt to arrange cover."

The insurance broker found that people over 65 could expect to be turned down for around 30 of the 140 annual insurance policies on offer.

Inevitably, those who are 70 years of age do not qualify for as many as 105 of the numerous insurance policies on offer.

However, those applying for single trip policies should fare better according to BIBA.

The mortgage broker says that over-65s will only be excluded from 30 policies out of a 150 if they are just taking one trip.

Over-65s are often faced with high premiums because insurers say older people make more, bigger claims, particularly for medical problems.

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