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Barclays Insurance: Take care in cars

24 November 2005
One in three passengers do not wear a seatbelt when they sit in the back seat of a car, putting themselves at risk of serious injury, says Barclays Insurance Services.

Even though half of respondents said they had been involved in a car accident, 45 per cent never adjust their neck rest to help stop neck injury, while a quarter would only consider adjusting their headrest if they were driving.

"These findings reveal a worrying lack of concern amongst motorists for their own safety and those of their passengers," said Adrian Grace, managing director of Barclays Insurance Services.

The survey revealed significant regional differences in attitudes to car safety.

Less than half of Londoners were found to always wear a seatbelt when sitting in the back seat of a car, while three-quarters of people in the safety-conscious south-west said they always wore one.

Comprehensive motor insurance policies usually cover injury caused to passengers but policy holders are advised to check the details of their cover.

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