Barclays: Insure your home against kids

14 December 2005
Kids cause thousands of pounds of damage in UK homes every year, says Barclays Insurance Services.

Barclays found almost half of parents have had to foot the bill for damage caused in the home by their kids.

One in ten parents said their children cost them up to £1,000 in household damage while one per cent said their kids cost them as much as £2,000.

Adrian Grace, from Barclays, said: "It is impossible to keep an eye on young children all of the time and accidents such as spilt drinks or broken windows are inevitable.

"It is therefore essential that parents have adequate home insurance, particularly to cover accidental damage to help minimise the cost of replacing household items broken or damaged by their children."

Barclays Insurance Services say Scots are most worried about their kids' behaviour in the home - over 40 per cent have upgraded their home insurance since they got married.

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