Barclays warns customers of 'freak weather' season

12 October 2006
The insurance branch of Barclays Bank has warned customers of the dangers posed by the "freak weather" season and to be prepared in practical and insurance terms.

Figures from Barclays show that weather-related claims made between September and November were 65 per cent higher than the previous three-month period.

Flooding was the greatest threat to people's homes during this period, the bank said, and as a result it urged the five million UK residents that are at risk of flooding to regularly check the Environment Agency's website for details and flood warnings.

"We have already seen some areas being hit by heavy rain and flooding and unfortunately we have to be prepared for an increase in freak weather incidents over the next few months," said Mark Till, marketing director for Barclays Insurance.

"It is crucial that people check whether they live in a flood prone area and take all the necessary steps to be prepared should they be affected.

"While you cannot prevent floods from occurring, you can make sure you are covered for the damage caused to buildings and contents through buildings insurance as part of your home policy."

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