British garages are 'treasure troves'

02 February 2006
Britons are being warned to ensure they lock their garages at night as new research reveals they are a goldmine for opportunistic thieves because they contain thousands of pounds worth of possessions.

A third of UK garages store more than £1,000 worth of possessions, a study by Saga Home Insurance found.

But one in five homeowners do not lock their garages at night, which makes them easy targets for opportunistic thieves.

The garage was traditionally where the family car was kept secure, but now it is home to a large number of high value items, with one in seven homeowners saying their garage had more than £3,000 worth of possessions inside.

However, Saga predict that this value is likely to be much higher than homeowners estimate.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga, said: "Anyone using their garages as extra storage space should consider the value of its contents – opportunistic thieves could find a wealth of goods just waiting for them.

"It is well worth checking to see if your insurance cover has any limits on theft from outbuildings."

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