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Brits 'best neighbours', says Barclays Insurance

27 October 2005
Almost every single Brit would look after their neighbours' property if they were away on holiday, according to Barclays Insurance Services.

The survey by the insurance provider revealed that usually reserved Brits are more than happy to keep an eye on their neighbours' property while almost three-quarters said that they would call the police if they saw anything untoward.

Barclays commented that being pro-active while a neighbour is away is important, but added that vigilance is no substitute for home insurance.

"We would…encourage people to put aside that British reserve and let their neighbours know if they are going away so that they might be aware of any unknown visitors, and of course you should also make sure you have adequate insurance cover in case the worst should happen whilst you’re away,” said a spokesman for Barclays Insurance.

"Don’t just rely on just your neighbours to keep an eye on your property.”

The survey revealed that neighbours in the south-west were the most likely to report any suspicious incidents involving a neighbour's home, while those in the south-east were most likely to 'keep themselves to themselves'.

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