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Brits abroad at risk without travel insurance warns

06 August 2007
New research reveals that many British holidaymakers are running the risk of travelling without insurance.

The survey conducted by Survey Monkey found that of the 1,011 UK adults questioned about their views on travel insurance found that one in five people travel without any insurance - with one in ten doing so intentionally and the remainder forgetting to take out any insurance before jetting off.

Men are seemingly the worst culprits with 12 per cent opting to go without compared to just under nine per cent of women.

Richard Mason, director of insurance at, commented on the findings: “With the prospect of spending a few days in the sun, it appears travel insurance is the last thing on the mind of some Brits.

“While holidaymakers might think nothing will happen to them while they are away, travel insurance is vital for claiming on cancellations, lost cash, public liability and providing emergency medical treatment. It gives you added peace of mind should anything go wrong.”

The study also revealed that people in their twenties are the least likely to bother with insurance (13%) and an amazing four per cent have admitted to never having take out travel insurance in their lives.

For those that do invest, over half will use the internet to seek out the best deals and 14% will use a policy recommended by their travel agency. Richard Mason added:

“It was encouraging news for consumers when the FSA announced that, from 2009, the sale of all travel insurance will be regulated. For those still taking out policies when they buy their holiday, for example through a travel agent, regulation in terms of price and suitability will be welcome. I urge holidaymakers to travel with insurance by researching the level of cover you need then shopping around for a competitive price.”

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