Brits face £759 million charge for using cards abroad

21 August 2007
British holidaymakers will end up spending more than they think on fees for using their cards abroad, it has been reported.

According to research from switching site, £759 million in extra bills will be totted up by those using plastic to make purchases of around £16.4 billion.

For some, this may be an unwanted extra in addition to holiday insurance, accommodation prices and spending money.

Personal finance expert at the firm Mike Naylor commented that paying for a holiday is difficult enough without the added cost.

"It is possible for consumers to reduce the amount they will pay in fees, or avoid paying them altogether, if they take a little time to research the credit card market before going away and make sure that they are packing the right plastic," he said.

August is traditionally seen as the apex of the holiday season, although consumers should spend wisely in order to avoid an expensive September.

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