Brits skimp on winter sports insurance

02 November 2005
Too many British winter sports enthusiasts fail to take out adequate travel insurance before heading for the slopes, says Bradford & Bingley.

A survey by the insurance provider found 14 per cent of travellers planning to ski and snowboard on holiday did not take out comprehensive insurance cover, despite the risk from injury.

"Should the worst happen and you’re not covered by a winter sports travel insurance policy, a hefty medical bill could swallow up any savings you make and leave you seriously out of pocket," said head of general insurance at Bradford & Bingley, Dave Foyle.

The insurance provider said a third of medical claims made in the 2004/05 ski session were for broken legs and damaged knee ligaments.

However, uninsured skiers and snowboarders who injure themselves could face charges of up to £600 for mountain rescue and a further £4,000 for surgery - and that's just in Europe.

Uninsured skiers who are unlucky enough to injure themselves in the US could face a bill of up to £20,000 if they require emergency surgery.

Bradford & Bingley has teamed up with First Assist Insurance Services to offer comprehensive insurance to travellers heading for the slopes this Christmas.

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