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Capital One says don't lose face on holiday

22 February 2005
New research from Capital One has revealed the growing risk to holidaymakers of falling victim to 'identity theft.'

Identity theft, one of the UK's fastest growing crimes, involves the fraudulent use of people's personal details to apply for credit cards, loans and even passports in that person's name.

Passports, driving licences and insurance documents can all be rich pickings for personal details.
With 643,000 British holidaymakers having had this kind of document lost or stolen whilst on holiday over the past five years, Capital One is highlighting the potential identity theft risk they face.

"Most of us relish the chance to unwind on holiday, but this can lead to becoming less vigilant about personal belongings," warns Dan Cobley from Capital One.

"[Many thieves] are increasingly focusing on personal documentation so that they can steal a victim's identity and use it to obtain credit, goods or undertake criminal activity in their name."

Captial One has launched a dedicated Identity Theft Assistant service, free to platinum cardholders, to help tackle the problem. It features an advice guide, a helpline and expert advice and assistance should any customer have their identity stolen.

Research has shown that identity theft has increased by 400 per cent over the last five years, and a 2002 Cabinet Office report estimated that the fraud costs the UK more than £1.3 billion a year.

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