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Car insurance for male drivers costs £17,000 more than for female drivers

06 July 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Male drivers will pay an average £17,000 more than their female counter-parts over the course of their driving careers, research from has found.

By analysing more than six million car insurance quotes from 2008, the comparison website has calculated that male drivers will pay a lot more for their premiums over a lifetime than women.
The average car insurance premium for a male driver, across all ages, is £743, compared to £454 for female drivers, an additional £289 a year, or £17,000 over their lifetime.
The biggest gap in price between car insurance for women drivers and for males is when they first start driving, with car insurance for young drivers pushing up the cost much more for male drivers.
An 18 year old male will pay an average £2,200 a year for their car insurance, miles more than the average £294 paid by a male driver in his forties. Meanwhile, a female driver in her twenties will pay an average £576 a year, compared to £997 for a male of the same age.
Statistics have shown that young male drivers are the riskiest drivers, having more accidents and costing their insurance companies significantly more in claims than their female counterparts, so their premiums reflect the higher risk which they pose.
Commenting on the findings, Steve Sweeney, head of home and car insurance at, said: "It's clearly careless versus cautious as the motor insurance battle of the sexes lives on, and it is shocking to see the extent of the extra cost to a male driver for a lifetime of being behind the wheel.
"Men are seen as the riskier sex in the motor insurance industry across all ages, especially the younger generation where we see the biggest differences."
But as drivers get older, the gap between the sexes narrows, with a mere £21 difference between the average premiums by the time they reach their seventies.
While sexism and ageism in the insurance industry is rife, says, there are some things young people can do to drive down the cost of their car insurance, such as buying online, considering a mileage limit which can result in a discount, fitting an alarm and immobiliser, driving a car with a smaller engine and not modifying it that can add hundreds to a premium, and taking a pass plus test which can reduce premiums by as much as 35 per cent.
Mr Sweeny added: "Finding affordable motor insurance can be tricky, and at a time when every penny counts it's crucial to shop around for the best deal to suit you."
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