Car insurance provider AA warns of snow death traps

06 February 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent
As heavy snowfall continues to hit the UK, the AA is warning Brits that many roads will become 'death traps' as local authorities warn of low gritting salt supplies.

According to the BBC, more than 200 people have been rescued so far in Devon as the snow made roads impassable, and according to the AA this could be the case in several areas as very few roads have been gritted.

The car insurance provider has found that salt mines are struggling to keep up as the UK experiences freak conditions which may get worse as weather forecasts are showing another four or five days of freezing temperatures.

Commenting, AA president Edmund King said: "The harshest winter for almost two decades has left some highway authorities 'running on empty' as regards their salt stocks.

"Many are desperate to restock their road salt but supply chain pressures from mine to highway depot looks like resulting in some areas running dry – this is a very serious situation with some roads becoming death traps."

According to the insurer, it is a lottery as to what percentage of roads will be gritted as some areas have gritted 40 per cent, while others just 20 per cent.

Since the snowfall began earlier this week, AA car insurance has seen the number of claims reported 56 per cent higher than normal levels.

The majority of claims have been for shunts and cars sliding into each other and other objects as drivers' battle with the freezing conditions, while some who have been forced to abandon their cars have returned to find damage but no note of confession.

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