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Car-savvy women drive stereotype into myth

07 August 2007
Women are better at maintaining their car than the old-fashioned stereotype would have one believe, according to new research.

The Post Office has found that more than half (57 per cent) check their oil for themselves while, in cold weather, 44 per cent can top-up their anti-freeze.

It added that one in five (21 per cent) would change a flat tyre themselves if they needed to, although this may not be a common occurrence as 50 per cent checked their air pressure before setting off.

"This research highlights that women are becoming more conscious of the car, their safety, and the effects a well-maintained car has on the environment," said Phil Ashkuri, head of insurance for the firm.

Such findings may mean that women are considered less of a risk on the road and influence their car insurance policy.

Factors like experience and age may also be factored into a quote.

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