Careless drivers keep quiet for car insurance

16 March 2007
Only one in five careless drivers would be honest with their insurer about their responsibility for the loss if their car was stolen after they forget to lock it, has found.

Meanwhile, as many as one in four would require 'strong pressure' before they were prepared to admit the cause of the theft.

The findings are "extremely worrying", commented's managing director of insurance Richard Mason.

"People may not see the omission of certain facts as fraud, but if these facts helped lead to the claim then that's exactly what it is," he added.

"Insurers are often seen as the bad guys, but there are two sides to any relationship and drivers need to own up to their mistakes," Mr Mason concluded.

Nevertheless, the women surveyed emerged as more honest in relations with their insurer, as only six per cent would stoop to misleading their provider about their role in the vehicle's theft, while eleven per cent of men would steadfastly deny all responsibility.

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