Changing crime levels altering insurance risk

24 July 2006
Following the latest government announcement of crime figures, which showed a drop in burglary rates coupled with rising levels of street crime, insurance group More Than has warned people that they may need to review their insurance cover.

Statistics suggest that over £1 billion of property is stolen each year, with thieves focusing on the smaller and more valuable items that are now widely available.

Rising levels of petty theft and street crime are being partly blamed on the popularity of small items of high value, such as iPods, mobile phones and watches, as well as improvements in home security measures.

"Increased household security has made an impact on the opportunist thief, as has the falling price of consumer goods like videos and DVD players," said Craig Allen, head of home insurance for More Than.

"However, we are seeing a general increase in people carrying valuable items around with them during the day, which is making it easier for thieves to steal small, but high value items.

The best advice is to take sensible preventative measures," Mr Allen continued. "We urge people not to advertise valuable items when out on the streets and to make sure all items are insured."

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