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Check travel insurance small print before signing up, says ABI

15 August 2007
Consumers wanting to indulge in extreme sports should check the details of any travel insurance policy before they sign the agreement, according to a spokesman from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Malcolm Tarling said "bog standard" policies will not always cover activities such as "white-water rafting down the Colorado River" and warned people to "check your policy before you actually sign on the dotted line" if they want to participate in extreme activities while overseas.

He added insurance policies can also have "an exclusion on dangerous sports".

As such, Mr Tarling stated people "need to think very carefully before you go exactly what it is you're going to be involved in when you're travelling".

The ABI has around 400 members and represents the interests of the insurance industry in the UK. Its members also account for around 94 per cent of all insurance services that are bought in the UK.

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