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Churchill Home Insurance shows Britain is a nation of collectors

23 February 2005
Rather than a nation of shopkeepers, a survey conducted by Churchill Home Insurance suggests that Britain is a nation of collectors and hoarders.

The survey, carried out this month amongst more than a thousand people, revealed that a staggering three-quarters of British people own collectables worth a total of £34 billion.

The average British collection is worth just over £2,000 and collectors - usually men, a third of whom have let their collection dominate their home - spend a collective average of more than half a billion pounds a month on their hobby.

"Collecting and trading of belongings is clearly a favourite of the nation with millions of pounds' worth being collected every day," Martin Scott, head of home insurance at Churchill, observes.

"With so much value accumulated through these personal items, it is vital that homeowners have the right level of contents insurance to protect their investment."

Churchill's research found that only 18 per cent of respondents had considered insuring their collections and almost a quarter of the nation as a whole still has no contents insurance whatsoever.

The contents of the collections - ranging from the normal CD and DVD collections to the more esoteric sets of banana stickers and polar bear trinkets - could be worth more than people think, and Churchill strongly advises finding the right insurance policy to protect them.

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