Churchill Travel Insurance: Brits 'waste' holidays'

15 November 2005
British workers 'forget' to take annual leave, meaning they miss out on millions of days of well-earned rest, says Churchill Travel Insurance.

A survey by the travel insurance provider found almost six in ten Brits reach the end of the year and realise they still have annual leave to 'use up'.

But while most manage to book a last minute holiday or carry their days forward to the next year, a quarter of workers lose their holiday time altogether, claims Churchill.

Churchill advises busy Brits to take out annual travel insurance so that, in the event they are forced to take a last minute deal, they are fully insured.

"Britain has become a nation of workaholics and our report shows that we’re not even allowing ourselves a decent amount of time off work anymore, let alone the time to plan a holiday," said Mike Ketteringham, head of Churchill Travel Insurance.

"That’s why it makes sense for busy people to take out annual travel insurance policies," he added.

However, even though forgetful Brits fail to take their holidays, the research revealed UK workers want more days off.

Over half of UK employees want 30 days' holiday a year as opposed to the standard allowance of 20 to 25 days.

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