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Churchill calculates cost of a dog

03 March 2006
A dog may be for life, but it also costs a lot more than people think, more than £22,000 over its lifetime.

That's more than a new Mercedes, while some breeds such as the Great Dane are even more expensive than the deposit on an average first property (£32,810 compared to £24,000).

So says Churchill pet insurance, releasing its annual Cost of a Dog Report in the run up to the annual Crufts dog show.

However, the research also reveals that while many people lavish love and shower gifts on their four-legged friends, the vast majority of owners (90 per cent) don't realise how much a dog actually costs to keep.

More than half (52 per cent) of the dog owners asked thought that the total cost would only amount to £5,000.

Most of the true cost is accounted for by the day-to-day costs of dog maintenance, such as kennels and food, as well as increasingly expensive vets' fees.

Mike Ketteringham, head of pet insurance at Churchill, said: "There are significant differences between the costs of different dog breeds.

"It is important that people take this into account as one of the factors when choosing their new pet."

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