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Churchill reveals sins of the season

03 May 2006
With the weather improving and the garden beginning to bloom, many Britons will be venturing outside to tend to their gardens this summer.

However, while relieving your garden of weeds, opportunist thieves will be helping themselves to £295 million-worth of gardening equipment, foliage and even clothes from the washing line.

Research from insurance company Churchill suggests that the average garden or shed in the UK contains over £700 of expensive goods, such as tools, bicycles and lawnmowers, yet owners seem relaxed in their attitude to security.

Over a third admit their gardens are easily accessible to the public, with the same proportion saying they do not think their gardens are secure enough.

One in ten people do not lock their sheds or outbuildings and over half leave belongings outside after a barbeque or garden party, despite the average household planning to spend a further £166 pounds on garden additions, such as plants or pond fixtures.

Churchill urges people to look carefully at their house and garden security and to take precautions, as well as look into their property insurance to see what they are covered for and under what conditions the cover applies.

The insurance broker says that a lack of safeguards could invalidate your insurance cover.

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