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Churchill spots sly couples swapping points

01 June 2007
Growing numbers of drivers will pass on points on their licence to family members insured to drive their car to avoid losing the right to drive, Churchill has revealed.

Some couples seem to have entered into a quid pro quo relationship where they will willingly take the rap for each other's speeding offences, the insurer found, identifying 500,000 Britons with a joint insurance policy who have 'swapped' penalty points on their licence.

Meanwhile, another 29 per cent of people said they would be willing to do so if their partner was on the verge of losing their licence while another 23 per cent confessed they would beg their partners to take their points if losing their licence was a real possibility.

"The way to avoid a speeding ban in the first place is simple – drive responsibly," stressed Churchill spokesperson Frances Browning.

But Britons' willingness to shift the blame didn't stop at speeding, Churchill found, with almost one in ten people ready to ask their partners to take the blame for driving without insurance.

Meanwhile, police statistics released this week showed that young drivers are over-represented in drink driving offence figures.

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