Churchill warns Brits to check insurance before driving abroad

30 June 2005
Churchill Car Insurance is warning motorists to check their policies carefully before heading abroad to ensure they have sufficient insurance cover.

According to the insurer, just under eight million drivers cross the channel every year, but they are not all automatically entitled to the same cover that they have when driving in the UK.

All insurers are required to provide third party cover for travel abroad at no extra cost, but this does not cover damage or loss to the motorist's vehicle or possessions, Churchill points out.

"Motorists should check with their insurer before they travel that they have adequate cover for their needs," said Darren McCauley, head of car insurance at Churchill.

"Churchill motorists who become involved in an accident abroad can have the peace of mind knowing that their vehicle will be repatriated to the UK for repair. If it's more convenient for the customer, they can have their car repaired locally."

Extensions to enable drivers to benefit from the same level of comprehensive cover abroad as in the UK can cost up to £30. Churchill car insurance policyholders are entitled to this cover for up to 90 days at no extra charge.

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