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Clocks go back, accident rate goes up, warns Zurich

27 October 2006
Drivers are 20 per cent more likely to be involved in an accident after the clocks go back and the daylight hours get shorter, according to research conducted by Zurich Insurance.

The company claims that British roads are a far more dangerous place during the winter months, mainly as a result of the increasing amount of driving that must be done in the dark as well as the inclement weather conditions.

As a result of Zurich's findings, which show that in 2005 12,400 claims were received in the four weeks before the end of British Summer Time compared with 14,560 claims in the four weeks afterwards, the company has warned drivers to take stock of their driving habits and to check their insurance policies carefully.

"Motorists have been used to driving in daylight and now they have to adapt to night-time driving as the evenings turn darker," said Andy Price, practice leader for motor fleet at Zurich Risk Services.

"Add to that the fact that the weather has been very wet - the winter can bring other adverse weather conditions like snow and ice - and the possibility of having an accident rises significantly."

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